Saving the plannet one plastic at a time
Embrace Sustainability with Ecosacks: Pioneering the Green Revolution in Plastic Alternatives for a Better Tomorrow.
Our products boast a remarkable feature – they are HYDROSOLUBLE! Proven degradability upon dissolving in hot water at any time. But that's not all—we're also compostable, non-toxic, biodegradable, and 100% natural, elevating us to a whole new level.
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ECOSACKS are environmentally friendly because they are biodegradable by microorganisms. This is unlike conventional plastics, which pollute the environment because they take a long time to decompose.
ECOSACKS are produced from industrial natural starches (cassava and corn starch, etc)
ECOSACKS can be used multiple times, and after several uses, they can be composted naturally.
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Carry Bag
Shopping Bag
Grocery Bag
Waste Bag
Our Bio Bags
ECOSACKS are revolutionary biodegradable carry bags designed to permanently replace traditional single-use plastic bags. Resembling plastic bags in appearance, they contain no conventional plastic. Crafted from vegetable starch and other natural additives, they undergo complete biodegradation in just 3-4 months, leaving no toxic residue. Versatile enough to replace plastic carry bags in nearly all applications, ECOSACKS are a fully eco-friendly choice.
Contains no polyolefin plastic and made from all natural extracts
Biodegradable and Compostable in nature
Oxygen barrier
Natural antistatic properties
afe if accidentally consumed by animals
Size Chart
Shopping Bag T-shirt
Small T-Shirt 26/16 x 30 x 30
Medium T-Shirt 42/28 x 50 x 40
Large T-Shirt 49/33 x 55 x 50
Extra Large T-Shirt 60/40 x 60 x 50
Laundry Bag
Small LB 40 x 60 x 30
Medium LB 60 x 80 x 35
Large LB 60 x 100 x 35
Shopping Bag - Grip Hole
Small GH 20 x 30 x 40
Medium GH 25 x 40 x 30
Large GH 33 x 40 x 40
Extra Large GH 40 x 60 x 50
Small GH 32/20 x 35 x 30
Large GH 50/30 x 45 x 40
Garbage Bag
Small LB 40 x 60 x 30
Medium LB 60 x 80 x 35
Large LB 60 x 100 x 35
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